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Out of stock!TCP Member - Sandhill Cranes #2$99.00TCP Member - Sandhill Cranes #2

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Out of stock!General Public - Sandhill Cranes #2$120.00General Public - Sandhill Cranes #2

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No one ever forgets their first sight, nor sound, of quite literally thousands of Sandhill Cranes filling the wide-open skies above Sulphur Springs Valley. These majestic birds fly with their long necks and legs fully extended, chorusing a wild-sounding guttural bugle in flight. The Cranes are winter visitors to the area, “snowbirds” if you will, and gather to feed on corn stubble and other grain waste. On this daylong birding trip with guide Lynn Hassler, we visit Whitewater Draw to meet Cranes coming back from early morning feeding forays, and to check out the local waterfowl. Sulphur Springs is also a good spot for wintering raptors. Cost of the trip includes transportation, guide services and boxed lunch.