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The Exhibits Program at Tohono Chul presents visual stories linking the nature, culture and arts of the Southwest. Focusing on the work of regional artists, we display vibrant works of art in a diverse array of thematic group exhibits. The charming adobe Exhibit House, built as a private home in 1937, is an ideal environment for visitors to view Southwestern artworks. Galleries in the Exhibit House are open 9:00am – 5:00pm daily.



Desert Corridors

November 16, 2017 – February 7, 2018 | Main Gallery

Man-made crossings and way stations, desert washes, and riparian areas are all corridors that offer mammals, reptiles, insects, and birds passage to new habitats over land, by water, and through the air. These corridors become super highways through inhabited and uninhabited terrain. Not found on any road atlas, these routes, hopefully safe and preventing collision, connect creatures of all shapes, sizes and species to new horizons. DESERT CORRIDORS begins with what we can see along the path, and continues into the realm of what we can’t; bigger ideas of migration and immigration and concepts of metaphoric consequence that try to answer the age old questions: Where did we come from? Where are we going? and, How do we get there?

Image . Tom Baumgartner . Islix Pineleño . offset print

Featured Artist: Royce Davenport

November 16, 2017 – January 7, 2018 | Welcome Gallery

Sardine tins, devil’s claws, costume jewelry, saguaro ribs, old toys, car parts, and mouse traps are just some of the things you might find lying around in a little workshop located just east of Tucson called Rancho Milagrito. These odd materials have been getting re-purposed and transformed into wonderful and fantastic folk art creations for the past 25 years. Vail, AZ artist, Royce Davenport is the creator. Everything he makes is filled with his heart, his soul, and his incredibly wry wit. Most importantly, the objects Davenport makes share his understanding of the importance of art and culture in our daily lives.

Image . Royce Davenport . In Full Bloom 2 . mixed media

10 x 10 | A Fundraiser

October 6 – December 17, 2017 | Entry Gallery

10 x 10 celebrates the many artists who have made the exhibits at Tohono Chul shine throughout the past year. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see work by many of our highly-talented regional artists all together in one gallery. Eclectic and energetic, this exhibition features sculpture and unframed paintings, prints, photographs and mixed media works that are all no larger than 10 inches in size and all priced at $100; offering the perfect opportunity to collect a work of art by a favorite artist or make a new discovery.

Image: Sandra Luehrsen .  Desert 5 Spot . earthenware, glazes, over glazes, nichrome wire


Art du Jour | Alexandra Bowers

October – December, 2017 | Garden Bistro

Art du Jour features artwork by local and regional artists displayed throughout the dinning rooms of the Garden Bistro. The work of Alexandra Bowers is currently featured in the Bistro. Bowers is a Phoenix based artist who is inspired by her natural surrounding environment. Bowers uses data collected during her explorations to produce wood burned studies of the plants and animals that she finds along the way. Her work brings awareness to the unique plant and animal species that survive in an extremely harsh climate while simultaneously adapting to human encroachment.

Image . Alexandra Bowers . Feathers . wood burning

Sculpture in the Gardens
Continuing through summer | On the Grounds

Sculpture from Greg Corman, Spencer Edgerton, Phil Lichtenhan, Tidhar Ozeri, and Stuart Ross Snider can be discovered throughout the park through summer.

Image:   Spencer Edgerton . Large Devil’s Claw (Proboscidea Parviflora) . bronze


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