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The Exhibits Program at Tohono Chul presents visual stories linking the nature, culture and arts of the Southwest. Focusing on the work of regional artists, we display vibrant works of art in a diverse array of thematic group exhibits. The charming adobe Exhibit House, built as a private home in 1937, is an ideal environment for visitors to view Southwestern artworks. Galleries in the Exhibit House are open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily.

Exhibitions currently on display:


April 26 – August 12, 2018 | Main Gallery

Countless times throughout the day at Tohono Chul people will proclaim to themselves or to someone close by that something they just experienced is “OTHERWORLDLY!.” It might be a plant, a rock, a vista, a cloud, a creature, an artwork; but, whatever it is, what they are truly starting to get their head around is the desert, the Sonoran Desert. Everything about it offers a unique perspective; simultaneously familiar and alien, it is unlike anywhere else.

ARIZONA OTHERWORLDY gathers fascinating artworks generated by 29 imaginative Arizona artists who challenge themselves to create art that starts in the desert and ends up somewhere else.

Featured artists: Christopher Allison, Tom Baumgartner, Carson Bilger, Kate Breakey, Jerry Cagle, Patrick Cobb, Barbara Kemp Cowlin, Linda Ekstrum, Manuel Fontes, Lex Gjurasic, David Griffin, Joe Hatton, Mary Johns, Debra Kay, William Lesch, Phil Lichtenhan, Kathryn Maxwell, Robert Renfrow, Jessie Shinn, Clark Trujillo, Beata Wehr, Karen Wright, Nick Bernard, Sasha Case, Greg Corman, Patrick Hynes, Spencer Edgerton Kane, Len Polliandro, and Lyle Rayfield, have contributed works that represent, relay, conjure, and evoke the otherworldly sense of wonder and the extra-terrestrial vibe this magnificent state possesses: in its sky, in its creatures, in its earth, in its history, and in its artists. The possibilities are endless.

Image | William Lesch | Gates Pass Panorama Facing West; Sunset, Sunrise, and Night | photography

Image | Henry Shelton | Crow Mother Katsina | cottonwood root, paint | Gift of the Estate of Frank and Martha Secan | 2007.8.28

Permanent Collection | New Perspectives IV

April 26 – August 12, 2018 | Welcome Gallery

Permanent Collection | New Perspectives IV is the fourth survey of objects from Tohono Chul’s Permanent Collection curated by Tohono Chul’s valued Docents and Volunteers. Serving as Guest Curators for 2018 are: Janel Feierabend, Mikki Gries, Paul Miller, and Louise Stanton.


July 27 – September 30, 2018 | Entry Gallery

Tohono Chul’s Permanent Collection is a wonderful introduction to the cultures and traditions of the region. With over 350 objects created primarily by indigenous people of the Southwest, the collection is small enough to become familiar with quickly yet broad enough to capture and hold the imagination. Culled from the modern era, the early 20th century to the present, the objects in their beauty, craftsmanship, and function are reflections of tradition, ceremony, and assimilation.

The idea behind Call and Response III comes from the world of music in which a call and response is a sequence of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians; where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or a response to the first. This exhibition presents a visual call and response to objects of the Permanent Collection. Five Tucson artists were invited to visit the collection and select work that called to them and then responded to it through the contemporary filter of personal experience. David Adix, Dee Cox, Royce Davenport, Erinn Kennedy, and Gabriel Ruiz Villegas have created intriguing conceptual, formal, and aesthetic dialogues that move back and forth between the function and utility of tradition and the modern notion of beauty and concept as the endgame.

Image | Erinn Kennedy | The Olla Maiden’s Garden | acrylic and pencil on wood panel

Image | Dee Cox | Lemur | glazed ceramic

 Art du Jour | Dee Cox

January – March, 2018 | Garden Bistro

Art du Jour features artwork by local and regional artists displayed throughout the dinning rooms of the Garden Bistro. The work of longtime Tucson artist, Dee Cox is currently featured in the Bistro. Cox uses her clay forms as a foundation for storytelling. Painting intricately with glazes, she creates works bearing lively narratives that celebrate a wide variety of subjects.

Spencer Edgerton | Large Devil’s Claw (Proboscidea Parviflora) | bronze

currently featured in ARIZONA OTHERWORLDLY

Sculpture in the Gardens | On the Grounds

Sculpture from Greg Corman, Spencer Edgerton, Phil Lichtenhan, Tidhar Ozeri, and Stuart Ross Snider can be discovered throughout the park through summer.

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